Our Services

Agribusiness Solutions

Spatial7 experts integrate high-resolution imagery, field observations, and real-time data feeds to understand how to make the most of your limited resources. Spatial7 helps you to collect, maintain, and analyse all your agriculture field data in one centralized system.

Precision agriculture

Our specialists assist you to monitor the health of the crops in your farm and adapt to differences in soil types, sunlight, and slope to assess the present and future productivity.

Field operations.

We optimize your operations and logistics towards cost cutting while tracking and managing your farm assets.

Risk and sustainability

We help you to protect your crops by analysing and predicting threats before they can occur.

Asset Management

Spatial7 asset managers assist you to minimize risks and maximize performance while managing cost and resources for steady assets. Our innovative managers use smart maps and dashboards to attain a holistic view of all assets. Our asset management capabilities

Road and highways
Spatial7 road and highways asset managers preserve the life of existing assets is more than good practice—it is a requirement under current federal regulations. Spatial7 GIS allows you to comprehensively organize road assets, understand their location and condition, and integrate your systems with the leading asset management solutions for road and highway maintenance. Spatial7 provides mobile solutions designed to help highway maintenance workers collect and inspect assets in the field. Give your fieldworkers the information they need to be more productive and keep assets in top condition. Good roads do cost less. The key to an effective road and highway maintenance management strategy is understanding the location and condition of assets. Spatial7 managers provides the foundation for your asset inventory, so you know exactly what you have and need to maintain for a healthy transportation system.

Parking and traffic
To make council, industry, and private facilities a smarter place with its facilities like; parking, traffic, bus zones, loading zones, they should be properly managed and mapped. Spatial7 managers have endeavours to design a smart city and council, industries and facilities using Spatial7 advanced technology on nearshore and onsite -work asset GIS solutions. Parking solutions and traffic safety management is very important for busy CBDs over Australia. Spatial7 successfully mapped parking zone, bus zone, loading zone, taxi zone disabled parking and more We are proud to provide services of traffic safety and parking management system for all councils of Australia in metropolitan and regional development areas.

Facilities asset management
Our asset managers help you to manage and maintain any facility—its safety, security, and operation, as it is a complex and expensive effort when done without GIS. Facility managers achieve success using powerful data management, ana lysis, and visualization. A digital approach to facility management helps leaders assess security risks, develop plans, protect staff and assets, and improve daily operations.

Business location analysis

Spatial7 Business Analyst managers helps you make smarter decisions for market planning, site selection, and customer segmentation by combining demographic, business, lifestyle, spending, and census data with map-based analytics. Through desktop, web, and mobile apps, Business Analyst demographic mapping software helps you identify under-performing markets, pinpoint the right growth sites, find where your target customers live, and share the analysis across your organization as accurate infographic reports and dynamic presentations.

Site selection and market planning
Analyse marketplaces to see where to expand or reduce. Tools include consumer profiling, market potential, sales forecasting, drive-time, and trade area rings. You can perform demographic analysis and facility and retail site selection, create trade areas around a location, and identify a market for your products or services.

Territory design and area planning
Balance your network to help each location and territory manager succeed. Use automated workflows for territory design, location-allocation, and market penetration analyses. Locate your underperforming sites, predict how proposed locations will perform, and use multiple data sources to determine the best locations.

Target new and existing customers

Understand new and potential customer preferences and needs so you know whom to target and how to attract them. Divide customers into targeted groups. Browse and use both demographic and census data including age, income, gender, family size, and health history. Use lifestyle and behavioural data to learn what people prefer.

Data and infographics to drive decisions.
Take a data-driven approach to validate your assumptions about location. Access global data for 130+ countries with 15,000+ variables on market data. Combine proprietary data on locations and property costs with data about prospective customers, clients, or patients, then share your analysis as customizable infographics.