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Dr Arunima Chanda July 3, 2021

Agribusiness Solutions

A Spatio-technical Solution to all Agricultural Mapping, Analysis and Problems.

And we are working on every council and states

Spatial7 experts integrate high-resolution imagery, field observations, and real-time data feeds to understand how to make the most of your limited resources. Spatial7helps you to collect, maintain, and analyze all your agriculture field data in one centralized system.

We integrate the soil data for future planning for risk and sustainability along with providing realtors a full info about site suitability.

Having powerful agricultural data like our database connecting farms for whole of Australia organized in a database management system delivered through user friendly applications can be a powerful ally in the key challenges agribusinesses face

Council wise agricultural data

With the Agribusiness sector of Spatial7 the client has the capability to out-maneuver the competition and realize revenue growth in the incredibly competitive agriculture market depends on the information that is needed to make strategy, marketing and sales decisions in the agricultural sector of the economy. The right data—delivered through database management systems and user-friendly applications—can provide the insights to make those decisions possible.

Data is separated according to the smallest of localities.

Agribusiness Solution offers a data source that links Queensland farmers or investors to the specific farms, soil and fields they operate. Our exclusive data is built literally from the ground up, starting at ¼-acreincrements of geospatial data that maps soil, farm land to farmers to the market. This requires a significant and continuous data science operation – our team will analyze more than 100 million data points each year, and will grow exponentially as we will add new categories of data to the database. Because we can process, analyze, extract and contextualize the data, we’re able to turn Large Data into bite-size chunks that agribusinesses can examine, interpret and, ultimately, act upon.

Precision Agriculture

Our specialists assist you to monitor the health of the crops in your farm and adapt to differences in soil types, sunlight, and slope to assess the present and future productivity.

Solutions are available for any problem related to agriculture

Our database supports agribusinesses not only byoffering more data, but by offering the industry’s mostcurrent, accurate and detailed data, creating afoundation for strategy, marketing and sales througheasy-to-use, intuitive and powerful softwareapplications.

A key component of the database is showing how all of the different individuals and entities are connected around the ownership and operation of the farm. This includes separating land owned, operated or owned and operated. When looking at a specific farmer or farm, our clients can look at the network of decisionmakers, influencers or stakeholders.

Our database is precise, up-to-date, thorough andcomprehensive. Our database comprises of year wise

  1. Total farmlands growing crops, aquaculture, horticulture, pastures, etc.
  2. Active farmland owners & operators
  3. Crop wise acreage
  4. Total speciality crop acres
  5. Soil type
  6. Soil condition
  7. Crop Condition
  8. Farm wise profit
  9. Degradation stage
  10. Growth stage
  11. Production cost and rate
  12. Mapped out boundaries
  13. And many more...

To undertake new agricultural business, or diversify orintensify existing, or related, supply chain projects, weoften need to refer to mapping, for example, todetermine:

  1. suitability of soils and climate
  2. available infrastructure and land zoning
  3. natural resource constraints or opportunities.
Land suitability for realtors

Determine Precise Property Locations
Understand Property Ownership
Identify Land Use & Zoning Data
Evaluate Property Characteristics
Determine Accurate Property Values

Geo Targeting

One of the many uses of our data for agricultural facilitiesmanagement allows real estate teams to identify where theirtarget audiences live quickly and efficiently. Read More